The e-Room® Stand-Alone device is a stand-alone fan coil controller designed to cover the demands of hotels and offices where a sophisticated remote control system for room management is not required. The device includes a set of inputs and outputs that provide zone climate control based on occupancy and window position, thus allowing significant energy savings that dramatically reduce electricity costs in buildings.

e-Room® Stand-Alone includes a temperature sensor on its front panel that provides room temperature measurement and Heat/Cool valve actuation as appropriate; fan coil speed is controlled to cover the energy demand. An analog input is also included to connect an external temperature sensor, used in installations where temperature is measured at the return point.

The device includes a large blue backlit display screen that provides the user with an optimal visualization, in addition to user-friendly pushbuttons for simple and effective control. Device configuration is accomplished through the pushbuttons and the display screen; up to 24 different parameters may be adjusted in order to set the device as required.

Value added functions:

  • Stand-alone control for low-cost installations
  • Occupancy based climate control
  • Designed for 2 pipe and 4 pipe systems
  • A single control device for each zone
  • Auxiliary lighting output
Ordering number: 
Supply input: 24Vac/24Vdc
Technology: Stand-alone
Field bus: Not available
Number of inputs: 
Input names: 
Card contact, Window contact, Water temperature sensor, External temperature sensor
Number of outputs: 
Outputs names: 
Three Fan-Coil speeds, Fan-Coil speed (I, II, III), Cool/Warm valve actuator , Auxiliary

The device should be configured to operate on either of the two available operating modes. The operating mode is configured through parameter P11 in the configuration menu.

Operating mode configuration:

1) Occupancy detection (keycard switch contact) based climate control:

In this operating mode, operation is enabled when the keycard switch input switches to the closed position. When this happens, the pushbuttons are enabled and the user may start the operation at any time. When the keycard switch input is open, the device pushbuttons remain blocked.
When the card is pulled out, the climate control system switches to Off or to the Economy mode, depending on the configuration of parameter P5. There is a programmable delay for the action to take place after the card has been pulled out. Parameter P6 is used to set the delay time.

2) Climate control + lighting (Lighting auxiliary):
In this operating mode, the controller may be switched on or off at any time through the front panel pushbuttons, since there is no keycard switch contact available to block the device. The keycard switch contact is in this case configured to operate as a lighting contact, which acts on the AUX output every time the input changes its state (refer to installation diagrams). This operating mode is only possible on 2 pipe systems.


The device includes all the inputs and outputs needed for an integral HVAC zone control with a fan-coil water pipes system. A single device provided reduces installation time and cost and saves money on the global solution.

Having a single device reduces the problems of bad wiring caused by the installation of several devices provided in other solutions in the market.


The device can be installed in two pipes or 4 pipes systems. The installer must take care to configure the device accordingly to the installation features. Configuration is done through an easy menu embedded on the device which can be operated through the frontal pushbuttons. The product includes up to 23 different parameters from where the system integrator can configure functions like:

  • Visualization in Centigrade or Fahrenheit
  • Two pipes / Four pipes
  • One fan-coil speed / Three fan-coil speed
  • Minimum/maximum setpoint allowed by user (Heat and Cool)
  • Setpoint in ECO mode (Heat/Cool)
  • Switch to OFF or ECO mode when room changes to unoccupied
  • Start up On or Off after a power failure
  • Start up in Heat/Cool after a power failure
  • Auxiliary Input/Output used for Lighting


| | 0 | Datasheet | Product Features Document
| | 1 | Instruction sheet | Product Installation Document
| | 0 | Product dimensions | Product size and dimensions for installation
| | 1 | Configuration manual | Description of product parameters configuration

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