Indoor Air Quality

Indoor air quality sensors to measure CO2, Particulate Matters, Volatile Organic Compounds, Temperature and Humidity

AirQualy is a sensor family of products to measure the air quality in buildings. The product range consists in 10 models with different combinations of sensors:

• CO2

• Particulate Matters

• Volatile Organic Compounds

• Temperature

• Humidity

The product is available in two versions: One with LED indicators in its front plate, like a traffic light, that signal the value measured for each sensor, providing an easy, fast and simple way to read the air quality of the zone. And another model without LED indicators, designed to be connected to a BMS system.

The following table shows the different AirQualy models with the sensor combinations and with our without LEDs in its front plate:

Typical applications for the Indoor Air Quality sensor AirQualy are:

  • • Offices
  • • Schools
  • • Hospitals
  • • Pharmaceutical industry
  • • Private homes

The device requires the “e-Bus Coupling Surface” coupling unit for operating. This frame is available in three models depending on the request for every installation:

  • • An stand-alone model without communication and control.
  • • A model with one 0-10V/4-20mA output and integrated PI control.
  • • A model with Modbus RTU (RS-485) communication for BMS systems.

The following video shows as an example, the operating of the traffic light on CO2 measurement. Depending on the CO2 concentration in the air, the CO2 sensor measures a higher value. Each time a value limit is reached for every LED, the following LED is switched on, replacing the previous one, providing an easy way for the user to understand the CO2 level at any time.