Direct expansion system control with Panasonic machines and room management in a single device

e-Room Panasonic is used to do the room automation of a hotel or office room and control from the same device indoor units of VRF direct expansion systems of Panasonic.

The e-Room® Panasonic device is an innovative product to directly operate over the Panasonic VRF Indoor Unit system. The device includes a set of functions to operate over the HVAC system, the lighting system and the blinds using only a single device in a hotel room, providing also some functions to operate over a second heating/cooling zone like a bathroom. The device is including up to four different pre-defined input/output configurations to operate over different hotel room specifications. A Keycard switch contact can be used to enable the HVAC system, among to automatically switch on the lighting system or the entrance courtesy light when the guest enters in the room. The device automatically switches the HVAC system off or changes into ECO mode when the guest leaves the room, switching also the lights off. A window contact can be used to temporary switch off the HVAC system when opening it, activating it again when it is closed. The device can operate over a motorized blinds, changing the position with some pushbuttons accordingly to the guest. Using the e-Room® Panasonic bus system model, a standardized communication protocol solution can be used to operate over the room with a remote monitoring and control BMS system. Click @here@ to visit the product webpage.