Automatic light dimming in buildings with LonWorks multisensors

Automatic light dimming, monitoring occupancy state, register light levels and know the temperature of the zone is possible with this multisensor

Integrated Lighting/Clima energy efficiency solution There is a growing need for lighting and HVAC control in office building environments to get accurate energy savings, properly managing the services depending on the occupancy state and the natural lighting striking inside the building, to get the maximum energy saving as possible. There is a twofold objective: switching off the services on unoccupied zones and do an automatic light dimming to adjust the lighting at a predefined setpoint value. In this application note, the e-Multisensor Bus TP/FT-10 device is measuring the light level of the zone and compares it with the predefined setpoint value, obtaining as a result the level at which the luminaires must be set. This result together with the zone occupancy status provided by the motion sensor is sent to the lighting control system for the dimming process. When people in a zone moves to other zone on the building, the motion sensor changes to unoccupancy mode and stops the HVAC system or turns it to ECO mode, switching off the lighting system or dimming it to a low level value. The communication bus ensures the device integration with the building global management control system to allow the occupancy status and light level values monitoring through an SCADA application for a further analysis.