The purpose of a window contact in climate management applications is to inform the window status to switch off the climate when it is opened. The energy saving got when the window is open is very high, taking into account that climate an open space is not possible and the energy used for this purpose is wasted.

This component can be also used as a door contact for occupancy detection in rooms with motion sensor + door contact.

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Reed contact

The window contact CVP-NC is a very low voltage reed contact sensor, designed to activate digital inputs like anyone of the @[email protected]http://www.e-controls.es/electronics/hvac---clima/1.html@ E-Controls family products used to climate a room or zone.

When the window is closed, the contact is closed and thus the input of the room controller detects this state, enabling the possibility to switch on the climate at any time by the user.

When the window changes to open state, the contact state changes to open state signaling this level to the room climate controller input, which will instantly switch off the climate system to save energy.


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