e-Bus Coupling Surface is a family of smart mechanisms that are connected to AirQualy sensors to supply them with the power they need to operate. Depending on the model, they include a protocol of communications to transmit the information to a building management system, or they include a range of digital and analogue outputs to control air renewal systems.

There are three models to choose from in accordance with the needs of each installation: a stand-alone model, a model with outputs 0-10V / 4-20 mA  and relay, and a Modbus model.

The e-Bus Coupling Surface SA equipment is responsible for providing the necessary power supply to the AirQualy sensor for its operation. This product model has no inputs or outputs for its functioning. See other coupling unit models for more information of the available outputs and communication buses.
The equipment is connected through a jack connector to the power supply ref. FAP-12W-12V, which includes a plug to connect directly to mains. Optionally, the equipment can be powered with a DIN rail type power supply ref. FA-15W-24V and can use the internal terminals of the device to power it.

The unit is designed to be mounted on a surface. Therefore, it is not necessary to use a box for its installation, given that it can be installed on any wall or glass surface.

General features:

  • Coupling unit for mounting AirQualy sensor
  • Stand-alone model
  • Configuration with APP and NFC via the AirQualy sensor 
  • Unit for surface mounting
  • Supply power 12-24 Vdc via plug-in power supply or DIN rail power supply
Ordering number: 
Supply input: 12-24 Vdc
Outputs names: 
0-10 V / 4-20 mA + Relay

The e-Bus Coupling Surface SA equipment is responsible for providing the necessary power to the AirQualy sensor for its functioning. This product model does not have inputs/outputs or communication bus, so it is a suitable model to install with AirQualy equipment with Led indicators. 

The equipment is powered by a power supply connected to the electrical network.

Equipment setup

This product model does not require any configuration.


LED operation indicator

The unit includes a LED indicator on the front panel called Status, which has the following statuses:

  • Normal operation: when the equipment is powered on, it turns on and after a few seconds it turns off.
  • Air Qualy diconnected: The LED makes a brief blink every two seconds.
  • Set up failure: This fault occurs if the AirQualy front end has been configured with a different frame than the one connected. In this case, the LED flashes every second.
  • Internal AirQualy fault: The LED lights up for more than 6 seconds.


Mounting process of the product

The equipment is designed to mount directly on the surface, fixing the holes in the equipment with 2 screws. The AirQualy front frame acts as a product box, being protected once it is fully installed. The cables connecting to the equipment must not have a section greater than 0.5mm.


Installation process

  1. Fix the e-Bus Coupling Surface device to the wall. If the device is powered with a DIN rail power supply, pass the cables throught the hole on the coupling unit (see installation diagram).
  2. In case of powering the device with the plug-in power supply, break carefully the small circular cap cover in the bottom part of the frame, to later plug the power supply connector.
  3. Fix the frame to the coupling unit fixing it on the upper part and pressing lightly on lower part until you hear a “click”.
  4. Insert the AirQualy sensor centred on the frame, previously inserting the label supplied with the sensor, in the front of the equipment.
  5. Power the equipment and wait 5 minutes to obtain a correct measurement.

Installation diagram


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