New fan-coil room controller for room automation with Modbus communication, for fan-coil EC inverter with analogue 0-10V speed control

e-Room ECO Modbus is a compact device for flush mounting, with all the functions required to carry out an air conditioning control in an optimal and efficient way

The new fan-coil controller e-Room ECO Modbus is a device for the room automation climate control that provides an optimal comfort temperature control of an hotel room or zone in an office building, thanks to its inverter fan speed control technology, that provides a maximum energy saving of the building. With a black colour innovative aesthetic and a white colour backlighted display, the product achieves an unbeatable elegance for any environment.

The device is including an analogue 0-10V type output to control a fan-coil EC (inverter) and using a proportional-integral algorithm, the fan speed is adjusted to the exact value for any moment, to get the desired temperature in the smallest possible time with a maximum saving. The device is a flush mounting compact element, with a black display with pushbuttons and an integrated temperature sensor, 4 inputs for sensors like door and window contact for energy saving, motion sensors for occupancy detection and ambient temperature sensor, as well as relay outputs for valve actuator control and lighting control of the room.

A Modbus RTU communication protocol is available through an RS-485 twisted pair channel, and through which it is possible to configure any parameter of the device, as well as monitor the output registers or actuate over the device using the input registers. Between the available configurations it is possible to adjust the maximum and minimum temperatures, comfort mode and economy mode setpoint temperatures, as well as many other parameters to adjust the device to any installation request.