AirQualy, the new family of sensors to measure the quality of air in buildings

New sensors to measure the level of CO2, Volatile Organic Cmpounds (VOC), Particulate Matters (PM), temperature and humidity in school centers, office buildings, shops, hospitals, hotels or even living places


In order to reduce the risk of contagion by COVID-19, it has been shown the vital importance to constantly renew the air in closed spaces, such as classrooms, offices, shops and other areas. As it is not easy to consider air renewal from an objective point of view, it is necessary to provide the facilities with an equipment that can correctly measure the air quality in the area, and show in a practical and effective way when it is necessary to renew the air in every space.

In this sense, E-Controls has developed a new family of combined sensors called AirQualy, to measure air quality in buildings such as schools, offices, shops, hotels or even private homes, where there has latelty been an inceasing demand of these products. The equipments have different sensors to mesure the level of CO2, Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC), Particulate Matters (PM), temperature and humidity. The family of products is made up of 9 devices with different combinations of the previously indicated sensors.

The devices developed by E-Controls have LED indicators on the front, that allow a clear and a quick display of the measured value of each sensor, thus allowing the device to be extremely practical and easy. For the CO2, VOC and PM sensors, the equipment has 5 LED indicators located upright like a traffic light, with blue, green yellow, orange and red colors. These LED indicators show the measured levels, from better to worst air quality respectively. The temperature and humididy values are also represented through three LED indicators. If the measured value is located inside a predetermined range, the green LED turns on, if it is above the range, the red LED turns on, and if it is below the range, the blue LED turns on. Another existent possibility is to acquire a device without LED indicators, if it is wished to connect the device to a control system and visualize the valued through a screen or a technical building management system.

The products are factory pre-configured. However, in case of having to modify any parameter, the company has developed an APP for mobile phone called EConfigurator, that is available for Android smartphones. This APP allows to modify any configuration  parameter instantly, and upload the project through the NFC proximity wireless interface.

It is also posible to visualize the measurement value of each of the equipment’s sensors in the mobile phone. This is posible by using the ETools APP, designed for users who have the equipment installed in their office or home.

The equipments are availabe with three types of control: a stand-alone model without control outputs, to directly connect and operate, very practical for schoools and businesses where it is only necessary to screw the equipment to the wall and plug it into any nearby voltage socket, with the help of a small power supply that is supplied with the team. There is a second model for controlling gates for air renewal or opening of automatic doors in shops, which has an analogue control output 0-10 V / 4-20 mA and a relay that can be configured to perform a control from from any of the equipment's sensors. The third and last model with Modbus communication allows to connect to technical building management systems.

The equipment can be ordered with a web server that allows the values ​​of all the sensors to be projected on a touch screen or a Smart TV and to show in a practical and efficient way the status of the air quality of the installation.

The products have high precision sensors and are 100% factory calibrated. These are two extremely important factors, since many equipment on the market do not have calibration and manufacturers do not indicate the precision, which makes the equipment useless.

The product has been entirely developed and manufactured by E-Controls at its Barcelona facilities.