Multilux High Bay Bus DALI is a multisensor including a motion sensor and a light sensor for lighting control in installations with DALI bus. The device includes a high bay motion detector lens that provides a large motion detection surface, being especially useful for large open spaces in warehouses where it is necessary to cover the maximum possible surface to perform an accurate motion detection.

The device also includes a light sensor to measure the light level in the zone, to do the lighting control of the luminaries using a DALI controller that acts as a network controller between the multisensors and the luminaries.

The product is finished with an IP65 sealed box for installation in wet areas and supports operating temperatures down to -20 ºC.

The following table sumarizes the detection area of the device depending on the installation height:

Ordering number: 
Supply input: DALI (16Vdc)
Technology: DALI
Field bus: DALI

The control system to install with this product must be based at least with three elements: This multisensory, a DALI gateway compliant with the DALI V2 standard and a set of DALI luminaries over which the lighting control through the DALI bus will be done.

Device operating
The device is constantly measuring any motion detection in the area of operation, providing instantly any change as a detection event to the DALI network. The light level is also measured and remains as a value in the device for a polling query from the DALI gateway.

Motion detection led indicator
A red LED indicator in the multisensor blinks when a valid detection is detected by the device. This LED can be seen through the semitransparent lens in front of the device. The led indicator can be enabled and disabled by pressing the Configuration Pushbutton during 3 seconds.

Motion detection sensitivity configuration
The device includes a potentiometer to adjust the motion detection sensitivity. To adjust the sensitivity

General features

  • High sensitivity motion sensor for detection up to 14 m height.
  • Maximum detection coverage of 22 m diameter.
  • Detection sensitivity adjustment with potentiometer.
  • Motion detection led indicator state.
  • Light sensor range up to 500 lux.
  • DALI 2 standard communication port.
  • Slave type device to operate with a Master controller.
  • Supply power through DALI cable.
  • Firmware upgradeable through the DALI bus.
  • IP65 enclosure protection degree.
  • Operating temperature from -20 ºC to +50 ºC to operate in cooling chambers.



  • Follow the DALI standard recommendations for the wiring installation.
  • For an optimal operation of the light sensor avoid reflections of sun light that can affect directly to the device. Avoid shelfs and bright floors over which the sun can be reflected and falsify the light measurement in the zone.
  • The device is designed to be mounted in a flat surface.

Installation process

  1. Disconnect the DALI bus power supply of the device.
  2. Unscrew the four screws of the multisensor cover to access the bus terminal.
  3. Feed the cable through the fitting conduit and connect the wires into the terminals. The DALI bus does not have polarity.
  4. Fix the device and screw the fitting conduit nut. Be sure that the jacket has been correctly fastened, otherwise the waterproof can’t be guaranteed.
  5. Make two holes on the ceiling and fix the device firmly.
  6. Close the device with the cover in correct position and fix it with the four screws.
  7. Ensure that the cover is closed, otherwise the waterproof can’t be guaranteed.
  8. Power the device with the DALI supply and check the red LED indicator is ON for around 60 seconds.
  9. Configure the device with a DALI tool.


  • The device includes active parts inside. Do not open the device or manipulate it without disconecting previously the DALI power supply.
  • The device can’t be installed over shelves, behind curtains, near heat/cool air handling units and avoid direct sun radiation over the device.
  • Do not leave cables peeled or turned around the device.
  • Do not connect the device with the hands wet.
  • Do not open or hole the device.
  • Clean the front cover with a water moisture soft cloth.


The device has been designed to operate ina DALI control network as an slave device. To operate in the network, a DALI gateway including all the functions to scan and comssion devices is required. The product family LDALI provides all the required functions to manage the Multilux multisensors.


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