New thermostat room climate controller for hotel rooms, that integrates expansion unit systems (VRF) of Panasonic, lighting and blinds

e-Room Panasonic is the new room climate controller thermostat for hotel rooms, offices and comercial stores with direct control of expansion unit systems (VRF) of Panasonic, to get the maximum energy savings


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E-Controls presents the new controller e-Room Panasonic for hotel rooms, offices and commercial stores that controls directly indoor units of direct expansion systems (VRF) of Panasonic and integrates in the same device the lighting control and curtains, detecting the occupancy state of the zone to do a direct control over the climate and lighting systems, to reduce the energy consumption when zones become unoccupied, with a minimum installation cost.

With an innovative aesthetical design to attract the most demanding interior designers, the device includes a front white finished and a large display backlighted white that provides a clear view of the setpoint temperature fixed by the user and read the zone temperature easily. Throughout five pushbuttons, the user can switch on and off the device, change the setpoint, fix the fan speed to the desired temperature and change to heat/cool or leave it in auto mode.

The device is including some digital inputs to connect sensors like a keycard contact for hteols, motion sensor to detect room occupancy, window contact to save energy and pushbuttons for lighting and motorized blinds, one analog input for a second climate zone control through an additional temperature sensor, and relay type outputs for lighting control, motorized blinds and valve actuator for radiator or radiant floor in bathrooms. The integration of the inputs and outputs on the device, allows the possibility to control the room status at any time and control de climate indoor unit directly without the need to use any gateway or third party element, changing the setpoint temperature to eco or comfort mode depending on the occupancy status of the room, and controlling the lighting and blinds as appropriate.

The device can be configured easily to adapt it up to four kind of installation, depending on the services that need to be controlled (climate, lighting, blinds, second climate zone, …), and how the room occupancy wants to be controlled (keycard or motion sensor). One of the configurations is providing a second climate zone through an additional temperature sensor and a relay output control for a valve actuator to manage a radiator or a radiant floor, providing an easy way to control two zones with a same device.

Three different models are available, depending on the installation requests: an stand-alone device with no BMS communication bus, a Modbus RS-485 device and a LonWorks TP/FT-10 device, which includes all the registers and network variables to remotely configure, monitor and control and integrate them easily using open and interoperable standard protocols in any BMS system to control the installation through an SCADA application.

e-Room Panasonic performs the function of three products in a same device in a same device: a remote control for indoor units, an input/output device for room automation and a gateway between Modbus or LonWorks to the Panasonic indoor unit protocol.

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